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Buy Here, Pay Here Dealership Easley SC

Dealerships that provide “buy here, pay here” options may make sense if you require a car but have bad credit. Buy here, pay here Easley SC and lots fund the car directly instead of via a bank or credit union, unlike the vast majority of auto dealers.

Although this may sound appealing, buy-here-pay car loans often have higher interest rates compared to those offered by other lenders. In addition, the dealer might ask for a higher price for the car than its actual value when interest and other costs have been taken into account. Even if you have bad credit, this post describes how to buy here, pay here lots operate, and some additional opportunities.

Buy-here, pay-here vehicle lots: are they worthwhile?

One might feel that your options are restricted if you can’t buy a car altogether and don’t have the credit to get a loan from a bank, credit union, or web lender, even one that specialises in auto loans for people with no credit history or poor credit.

To commute to work, pick up the kids, and go to the store requires a car, unless you live in a city that has a fantastic public transportation system, buy here, pay here. Companies also use a variety of tricks in their marketing to get customers in, such as gigantic inflatable King Kong sculptures on the roof and “free lifetime warranties.”

Disadvantages of buy-here, pay-here

  • The price is high.

Because buy here, pay here Easley sc  dealers only deal with consumers who have low or no credit, they frequently ask for higher rates than traditional auto lenders, who finance clients with both good and low credit. One can be required to pay interest rates, which can go as high as the highest allowed by state law, depending on the dealer. In addition, some dealerships include several undisclosed costs in the contract, increasing your total expenditures.

  • There is little choice:

The BHPH dealerships first confirm your eligibility, then tell you whatever automobiles you qualify for, as compared to choosing a car first and then talking about financing. As a result, your options may be restricted in comparison to those offered by an ordinary dealer.

  • Make a sizable down payment in advance.

Working with borrowers who have bad credit entails a certain amount of risk. BHPH dealers generally demand a higher down payment than a conventional dealership would expect to help reduce that risk. Your ability to choose a car will be constrained if you don’t have a lot of cash on hand.

  • Repossession is quite probable.

If you fail to make payments, both regular car lenders and BHPH dealerships have the right to seize your vehicle. Yet, if you’re having trouble keeping up with payments, a BHPH dealership could provide you with less flexibility.

Advantages of buy here, pay here:

  • Credit-challenged customers may be recognized:

You may think purchasing a car through a dealer is out of the equation if your credit is in bad shape or you haven’t had the opportunity to build up a credit history. However, approval criteria at a BHPH dealership are fewer than those at traditional lenders.

  •  The procedure is easy:

When you drive off the lot after buying a car from a buy here, pay here Easley sc dealer, the entire purchasing and financing process is complete. Even at traditional dealerships, the loan application procedure might drag on, especially if you have limited credit.

Important data for purchasers with BHPH dealerships like Bluff Street Auto Sale:

Even though it is convenient and helpful for customers looking for an easy way to buy a car, there are several things you should be aware of when buying at a buy here, pay here dealership. There are a few things you ought to be aware of and avoid.

1. Understand the history and current condition of the car that you’re purchasing:

You  should be updated on the current condition of the car you are buying. Make sure to inspect the vehicle you are interested in in detail and ask for the car’s history report.

2. Stay clear of “spot delivery.”

Spot delivery is a ruse a deceitful dealership could use to extort more money from clients. This means the dealer won’t ask for additional funds upfront or try to renegotiate the loan’s terms if a buyer drives a car from the lot after their loan has been approved. Always ensure you meet the requirements for your loan before departing the dealership with a car, and keep all of the paperwork close at hand. Having a witness beside you will also be beneficial.

What Do Residents in Easley Demand from Buy Here, Pay Here Dealerships?

Many reputable experts out there might advise you to anticipate a lot from buy here, pay here car dealerships, but one might already be aware that what is said on the internet rarely corresponds to reality.

Some suggest looking for low-mileage cars in Easley that are similar to used cars. However, if your budget cannot support the same, you may be discontented when you come home. Some advise evaluating the interest rates being offered. Yet they are expected to be relatively high, and you were well aware of the circumstances.

Here is a list of the expectations that real Easley residents brought to our buy here, pay here dealership, Family Auto of Easley, to cut through the expert advice. Instead of feeling overwhelmed with information, attempt to find it.

1. Loan acceptance is straightforward.

In Easley, South Carolina, people know how to purchase their used car with a bad-credit auto loan. They were also mindful that the market interest rate for people with bad credit was around eighteen and twenty-one percent.

All they wanted was a quick loan approval because other auto lots were rejecting their applications for one reason or another, and they were always left with the least affordable vehicle on the lot to choose from. They expected quick approval at Family Auto, and we promptly met their expectations.

2. Guaranteed warranties

We had a smart used car customer at Family Auto. She was aware that looking for low-mileage cars was useless. Used cars in Easley are available for purchase since they typically have better mileage and better fuel efficiency.

A customer desired assurances. She decided on Family Auto since all pre-owned vehicles come with a 2-year, 3-6,000-mile warranty. She said, “If you get an insurance policy, that indicates that the car is reliable.”

3. Modular payment methods

The sole question a customer had as he called us before his selection was, “Do I have to go into your dealership each month to pay my credit premiums?” They asked others to buy here, pay here Easley sc dealers the same question, to which they all responded positively. But we assured him that he was able to complete his payment in any way he chose. They were particularly happy when we made the payment date fall right after his payday. Only flexibility was expected in this particular scenario.

4. Trade-in deals

A user desired a promotion. He had plans to sell his sedan and purchase one of the top used trucks in Easley, South Carolina, at last. However, he wanted to trade in his old sedan to lower the total cost because used trucks are somewhat pricey compared to other sectors. Family Auto was the sole dealership to give a fair trade-in value to exchange for his car. He declined our buy here, pay here offerings without even wanting to read them (although we did suggest that he do so). All he was interested in was the trade-in.


Dealerships that provide buy here, pay here Easley sc cars can help people with bad credit buy a car. However, this kind of financing can be highly expensive. If you need a car but your credit is bad, contemplate all your choices, such as waiting to buy one or getting a cosigner. If you decide to get a car from a “buy here, pay here” dealer, make sure you are conscious of all the agreements, including when you may take the vehicle away.

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