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NWER Auto Sales

Villa Rica, GA


About NWER Auto Sales

NWER Auto Sales are one of the Used car dealer in Villa Rica, Georgia. They are listed here as buy here pay here dealers in Villa Rica. You can contact NWER Auto Sales at their contact number (404) 271-7945. They are Rated 3.7 out of 5, dealers based on 7 Google reviews.

Location and Map

NWER Auto Sales are located at 215 W Bankhead Hwy, Villa Rica, GA 30180.


Checkout the weekdays timings to know if they are open and schedule your visit accordingly. Try to call them before visit for latest update on timings.



How to book appointment with NWER Auto Sales?

You can book appointment with NWER Auto Sales easily via either by calling them at (404) 271-7945 or visiting the car lot at 215 W Bankhead Hwy, Villa Rica, GA 30180.

How to find buy here pay here dealer in Villa Rica?

To find BHPH dealers in Villa Rica, visit Buyhere-Payhere.org, enter the city name or dealer name or whatever you are looking for and hit enter. It will take you to search result page with your query.

How does buy here pay here work in Villa Rica?

Buy Here Pay Here is a type of financing that allows customers to finance their vehicle directly through the dealership. The dealership will work with the customer to set up a payment plan that fits their budget and needs. Customers can make their payments at the dealership or online.

What credit score should I have to buy a car?

Credit scores can vary depending on the lender. However, it is generally recommended that you have a credit score of at least 620 in order to qualify for an auto loan.

How long does it take to purchase a car with a buy here pay here in Villa Rica?

The process of purchasing a car with a buy here pay here dealership in Villa Rica is typically quicker than going through a traditional bank or lender. The reason for this is that the dealership is both selling and financing the car, so there is less paperwork and red tape involved. However, it is still important to take your time when making such a large purchase, so you don't end up with a car that you can't afford or that isn't right for you.

NWER Auto Sales reviews

WarZone Lu review NWER Auto Sales

WarZone Lu

We had agreement to buy a vehicle. Had already got loan from bank and insurance and he sold the vehicle before we could even arrive to get it.

Shannon N Farmer review NWER Auto Sales

Shannon N Farmer

Trustworthy. Reliable. Local. Approved The main operator works with your needs, gives you honesty about the vehicles you buy, and you leave with the car and no need to come back with anything broken . Cash is paid up front, and makes everything easier on both ends. Certainly a great customer experience

R Y review NWER Auto Sales


Michael Farmer Lied to Us.We were the second bidder on an RV on Ebay after the bid was run up by a shill bidder. More

Allen Bradley review NWER Auto Sales

Allen Bradley

Just fine very helpful

Christine Farmer review NWER Auto Sales

Christine Farmer

My husband runs this used car lot in villa rica. He offers a variety of cars trucks at a great price. Come check it out

Jumpy Bumpers review NWER Auto Sales

Jumpy Bumpers

I sold Mr. Farmer a car. He honored the conversation we had on the phone. He stocks a number of cars that are affordable to people not willing to pay high retail prices. He stocks a variety of automobiles and trucks. He also checks out the vehicles he buys thoroughly.

Lisa McLendon review NWER Auto Sales

Lisa McLendon

Mr. Mike was very patient and professional. Great doing business with him We love our vehicle. He had exactly what we were looking for.