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Best Auto Bargain inc.

Lowell, MA


About Best Auto Bargain inc.

Best Auto Bargain inc. are one of the Used car dealer in Lowell, Massachusetts. They are listed here as buy here pay here dealers in Lowell. You can contact Best Auto Bargain inc. at their contact number (978) 441-4141. They are Rated 4.2 out of 5, dealers based on 48 Google reviews.

Location and Map

Best Auto Bargain inc. are located at 90 Stedman St, Lowell, MA 01851.


Checkout the weekdays timings to know if they are open and schedule your visit accordingly. Try to call them before visit for latest update on timings.



How to book appointment with Best Auto Bargain inc.?

You can book appointment with Best Auto Bargain inc. easily via either by calling them at (978) 441-4141 or visiting the car lot at 90 Stedman St, Lowell, MA 01851.

How to find buy here pay here dealer in Lowell?

To find BHPH dealers in Lowell, visit, enter the city name or dealer name or whatever you are looking for and hit enter. It will take you to search result page with your query.

How does buy here pay here work in Lowell?

Buy Here Pay Here is a type of financing that allows customers to finance their vehicle directly through the dealership. The dealership will work with the customer to set up a payment plan that fits their budget and needs. Customers can make their payments at the dealership or online.

What credit score should I have to buy a car?

Credit scores can vary depending on the lender. However, it is generally recommended that you have a credit score of at least 620 in order to qualify for an auto loan.

How long does it take to purchase a car with a buy here pay here in Lowell?

The process of purchasing a car with a buy here pay here dealership in Lowell is typically quicker than going through a traditional bank or lender. The reason for this is that the dealership is both selling and financing the car, so there is less paperwork and red tape involved. However, it is still important to take your time when making such a large purchase, so you don't end up with a car that you can't afford or that isn't right for you.

Best Auto Bargain inc. reviews

Nick Schalk review Best Auto Bargain inc.

Nick Schalk

Bought a new Subaru WRX here and was definitely satisfied. The owner came in after hours to meet with us and allow us to test drive a couple of cars. Overall, was greeted by kindness and help towards making the deal. Would recommend to anyone looking for a used car in the Lowell area.

Donald Graham review Best Auto Bargain inc.

Donald Graham

I was looking for a decent dealership to purchase a car for a while. I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered Best Auto Bargain. With the mix of the friendly and helpful owners and a wide variety of good quality cars, I could finally purchase the car of my dreams

Alfred Donkey review Best Auto Bargain inc.

Alfred Donkey

Went there looking at a specific convertible mustang and they had a surprisingly good inventory. The gentlemen that helped me was helpful and able to check details on vehicles in the lot pretty quickly raining.

Trevor Langlois review Best Auto Bargain inc.

Trevor Langlois

Bought a clean th Gen Civic Si from them best price around

Nick Ashtar review Best Auto Bargain inc.

Nick Ashtar

Owner was extremly friendly. I bought a Honda Accord and they gave the best price They even showed me the features of the car and how to use Apple Car play and the eco mode which saves a lot of money on gas

Alex Cole review Best Auto Bargain inc.

Alex Cole

Great dealership. Helped me find exactly what I needed and took very good care of me.

Timothy Burgess review Best Auto Bargain inc.

Timothy Burgess

Bought a jeep a years ago and it has been a nightmare since. Over , on repairs and counting. Buyer beware. Make sure you have your own mechanic look at the vehicle youre buying because he will try to tell you things are fine and then send you to his friends garage to give you an illegal sticker.

Rebecca Fils-Aime review Best Auto Bargain inc.

Rebecca Fils-Aime

The owner is awesome. I would recommend this place to anyone. I had a great experience but my car.

Julissa Gonzalez review Best Auto Bargain inc.

Julissa Gonzalez

This is a great auto dealership.The owner had me check with his bank to see how I was approved for the loan before even stepping a foot in their office.Which let me know they were serious and didnt want to waist any ones time.Everything More

Mark Jean-Baptiste review Best Auto Bargain inc.

Mark Jean-Baptiste

Both Garan and Aram where really easy to work with. They care about the quality of vehicles they sell and the customers overall happiness. More