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Longview, TX


About AutoSmart – Longview

We want to provide you with an opportunity to Own Your Journey At AutoSmart, they are passionate about empowering you with the ability to take ownership in improving your life by providing the best buy here pay here car buying experience in East Texas. They are pride ourselves on making car buying easy, affordable, and possible with a wide range of financing options available to better serve the needs of all of their customers. Your success is their success, and they know your chances for success greatly increase when youre in the drivers seat. Are you ready to Own Your Journey

AutoSmart – Longview are one of the Used car dealer in Longview, Texas. They are listed here as buy here pay here dealers in Longview. You can contact AutoSmart – Longview at their contact number (833) 586-2886. They are Rated 3.6 out of 5, dealers based on 84 Google reviews.

Location and Map

AutoSmart – Longview are located at 1151 McCann Rd, Longview, TX 75601.


Checkout the weekdays timings to know if they are open and schedule your visit accordingly. Try to call them before visit for latest update on timings.



How to book appointment with AutoSmart – Longview?

You can book appointment with AutoSmart – Longview easily via either by calling them at (833) 586-2886 or visiting the car lot at 1151 McCann Rd, Longview, TX 75601.

How to find buy here pay here dealer in Longview?

To find BHPH dealers in Longview, visit, enter the city name or dealer name or whatever you are looking for and hit enter. It will take you to search result page with your query.

How does buy here pay here work in Longview?

Buy Here Pay Here is a type of financing that allows customers to finance their vehicle directly through the dealership. The dealership will work with the customer to set up a payment plan that fits their budget and needs. Customers can make their payments at the dealership or online.

What credit score should I have to buy a car?

Credit scores can vary depending on the lender. However, it is generally recommended that you have a credit score of at least 620 in order to qualify for an auto loan.

How long does it take to purchase a car with a buy here pay here in Longview?

The process of purchasing a car with a buy here pay here dealership in Longview is typically quicker than going through a traditional bank or lender. The reason for this is that the dealership is both selling and financing the car, so there is less paperwork and red tape involved. However, it is still important to take your time when making such a large purchase, so you don't end up with a car that you can't afford or that isn't right for you.

AutoSmart – Longview reviews

A D review AutoSmart – Longview


Not sure what the bad reviews are about.. April and the manager were the most friendly helpful people, they got me the car I wanted with my terrible credit My interest is high, but theres zero chance I could have gotta a loan anywhere More

Blake Felts review AutoSmart – Longview

Blake Felts

They made me feel very comfortable from the very first step into the building. Til I drove off in a nice vehicle. Theyre down to earth and made it very easy to do business. If it ever comes a time to buy from the longview office again I More

Donna Dean review AutoSmart – Longview

Donna Dean

Women dont go here alone...the manager Joe and salesman Johnny Bockmon at the Longview lot are not very professional. They tried to get away with doing a bait and switch scam and when confronted about it they both got really intimidating. Take your business elsewhere if your able

shay davis review AutoSmart – Longview

shay davis

Worst customer service EVER I will not get another car through this company again Im a paying customer that paids on time and I never felt so disrespected in my life. Can see why they can not keep employees.

Praise Embassy Fellowship review AutoSmart – Longview

Praise Embassy Fellowship

Very helpful and friendly salesperson and manager. They work diligently to put you in the vehicle you want

demeka mitchell review AutoSmart – Longview

demeka mitchell

My car wheel had been messed up since I got it and service tells me nothing is wrong with it when I drive this car everyday and can hear it. Its gotten even worse now and I cant get to mph without the car vibrating real bad

chance cartwrighthanhamchesterford review AutoSmart – Longview

chance cartwrighthanhamchesterford

The device that kills the car is killing cars whether or not you pay your bill. They tell me theyre working on it,but very arrogant about it like I should just deal with being stranded. Six weeks now that Im not sure if my car Im paying for will start. Ill change my review of they get this fixed. Otherwise I have no complaints.

Doolo Gabanna review AutoSmart – Longview

Doolo Gabanna

Jennifer was great and well engage with getting to know me as a person.

Merita Dunn review AutoSmart – Longview

Merita Dunn

They are very courteous and kind people and will do anything they can to help you find the automobile that you desire they wont just put you in anything they will make sure its what you want and not what they want.

Jessica Terry review AutoSmart – Longview

Jessica Terry

One of the best places hands down. Joe and his crew are so helpful and go above and beyond for their customers would definitely recommend them if you are looking for a car